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The Pyxis Team has worked with a lot of students and parents over the years. We really like them. Happily, the feeling is mutual.

Tommy P., Boston College

"R.J. is a unique and special person, and without his guidance, I would not have been able to write an effective college essay. His relaxed, "can do" approach made the college application process palatable. As every high school student knows, junior and senior year are so stressful. R.J. diffused the stress with his humor, respect, and extremely positive attitude. He was able to open up about himself, which made me much more comfortable telling him about my life, passions, and struggles. He was so genuine in his desire to know who I was and what I was about. I ended up writing my college essay on fantasy football, an unorthodox topic which R.J. didn’t know much about, but he knew I was passionate about the topic, and so he encouraged me to write about it. Unbeknownst to me, R.J. was learning all he could about fantasy football so that he could connect with me, and offered valuable advice on my writing. R.J. made my college application journey pleasant, and I am confident that my college essay was instrumental in my acceptance to Boston College."

Sandra G., Parent

"When R.J. worked with my son on his college essay, I did not think it would lead to the friendship that has endured past the admission decision. With his sociable demeanor and sense of humor, R.J. has the unique ability to achieve a high level of comfort with students almost instantaneously. That allowed him to quickly build the camaraderie necessary to motivate critical self-analysis no seventeen-year-old boy willingly undertakes. My son truly felt R.J. had his best interests at heart and this allowed him to share thoughts and feelings he had never revealed to me. With R.J.’s guidance, support, and candor, my son crafted an essay with a unified theme that perfectly captured who he was as a young man ready to take on the world. It turns out my son’s impression of R.J. was accurate; R.J. reached out to him multiple times after his college acceptance and during his freshman year to see how he was doing. There are not enough words to describe just how incredible R.J. is."

Mary Ellen M., Parent

"R.J. Jenkins assisted all four of my daughters in the writing of their college application essays, and he did an extraordinary job of getting each of them to dig deep and bring forward the essence of who they are and the unique qualities and accomplishments that make them special. With to help of his insight, guidance, encouragement, and humor, my girls' hard work paid off; they each produced poignant, authentic, humble, pithy essays, and ALL FOUR OF THEM EARNED ADMISSION TO THEIR PREFERRED COLLEGES! I am beyond grateful to R.J. for his help on this journey. He is a gifted writer and teacher, and a delightful person - the best person I can think of to assist in the challenging process of applying to college."

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