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What We Do

Applying to college can be headachy. We make it less headachy. 

I have, for the last ten years of so, worked with students at all stages of the college admissions process. As a person who has spent most of my professional career working at elite universities, and as someone who has worked closely with admissions officers and newly admitted students for years, I am deeply familiar with the kinds of applications that distinguish students as part of this competitive, highly selective process. From helping students think about which schools to apply to and how best to fund their education, to working with them to craft elegant, original admissions essays, I strive to help students navigate the process of applying to college more successfully and with less anxiety than they might if left to their own devices.

Trust me... in this process, a little help goes a long way. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Orientations to the college admissions process for students and/or families
  • College advising/wayfinding
  • College fit assessments
  • College essay assistance
  • Educational financing resources
  • Strategies for taking standardized tests *
  • Presentations to groups and organizations on college admissions related topics (see list below; custom presentations available upon request)

* While we are happy to discuss test-taking strategies with student, we do not provide standardized test preparation


  • Chill: How to Make Applying to College Not the Worst Thing Ever
  • Keeping the Peace: A Guide for Families Applying to College
  • What is “College Fit,” & How Do I Find It?
  • How to Write a Compelling College Essay (Or… How Not to Bore Someone to Death)
  • Paying for College 101: How to Make College Affordable
  • Things to Do *BEFORE* You Go to College That Will Help You Succeed *IN* College
  • Common College Admissions Pitfalls, & How to Avoid Them

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