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What We Believe

Here are some things we feel strongly about, and how they animate our work.


We believe the college admissions process should be growthful for students and their families. Rather than approach the process as a means to an end - as a series of boxes that need to be checked and hoops to be jumped through - we encourage students to think about the process as a unique opportunity to learn about themselves, to develop the vital skill of self-presentation, and to think expansively about what they want in this next step of their lives. In other words, we think applying to college should be an awesome learning experience, not a soul-sucking nightmare.


We believe that nobody is served well when people aren't honest and direct with one another. That's why we tell it like it is - always. We love when students aspire to great things - and we will aspire with you! - but we will never ignore reality in the service of fantasy, flatter insincerely, make promises we can't keep, or nurture false hopes.  Instead, we will be candid, we will dole out tough love and pep talks and encouragement, we will avoid jargon and talk like real people, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.


We believe that college applicants are more than just a collection of grades, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities. You are people. You have real hopes for this process, and you probably have some real misgivings too. That's okay. We want to hear about those. And we want to hear your stories. Because at the end of that day, the college that accepts you will be accepting you the human being, not you the SAT score. So we'll want to get to know you, the human being, right away. Be ready for that.


We believe that high seriousness is the enemy of intelligent thought. Just because the college admissions process is important doesn't mean we all have to be dour and boring about it. There will be laughing. And irreverence. And maybe even a curse word or two. Gird your loins.


We believe that all students are entitled to help and good information when they apply to college, and we will work with students in a variety of capacities to ensure that those who think they would benefit from assistance can get it.


We believe in, and strive for, excellence. Period.

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